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UDAAN Remedial Centre

Give the life-changing gift of education to a child

SSF Remedial Education Intervention within the community

Udaan Remedial Centre currently runs at five locations in India
Drop-outs and disinterested teenagers who drift away from education can be integrated into the stream of development using the power of remedial education. With an overall holistic focus on a child’s growth and potential, remedial education can effectively work to create skilled and confident individuals who will be able to participate in today’s fast-paced world of ideas and limitless dynamism. The project of remedial education aptly titled UDAAN came up with the goal to positively impact the future of hundreds of underprivileged kids and is like a second home to children who come here after spending their formal school hours at the respective government schools. At UDAAN, we try to fill every learning gap. The overall development of the students, in terms of health, social engagements and healthy nourishment is taken care of through health and immunization camps, counselling and proper nutrition through mid-day meals.

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