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Shiksha Seva Foundation is bringing change in the lives of the people from marginalized sections of society. By undertaking various initiatives, it has given a new meaning to their lives. Individual Partnership is about the upliftment of the economically backward community by helping them build a dignified life.

A 10-years old girl named Barkha lives in a remote area of Maharashtra who dreams of becoming a police officer when she grows up. Barkha has to look after her three young siblings. Her mother and father are daily wage-earners on whose earnings a family of 6 members is dependent. After her grandmother’s death, Barkha dropped out of school to be available full-time for her siblings.

Over 10 Millions children, like Barkha, have already been unshackled from child labor by Shiksha Seva Foundation under the flagship of Mission Admission.

Make a contribution to the movement where each child gets an equal opportunity to learn and grow in life. Your donation will be used for the development of a sustainable and progressive community. A community where their growth is nurtured, their dreams are supported, and their future is shaped.

Donate to Shiksha Seva Foundation today and create a dignified tomorrow for them.

Meet Our Donors for the Cause

“Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give
something back by becoming more.” – Anthony Robbins 

Milind Madhavrao Ughade
Milind Madhavrao Ughade

CGST, Superintendent

Shiksha Seva Foundation is really helping the persons deprived of basic necessities in this pandemic situation. Their main activity in helping the Girl child to get good education and get well in life is really appreciable. Also, throughout the year they are engaged in different activities of social cause. I really feel good when you are attached to some noble cause like this one. I am trying to support with a bit in a smaller way within my capacity. Actually, it feels odd to discuss this noble cause publicly, because these things are for doing not for showing to others and getting praised. But any way I just would like to appeal all able persons of our society to come forward and support this cause in whatever way possible.
Shreyas Shridhar Ajgaonkar
Shreyas Shridhar Ajgaonkar

IT Analyst

My experience with Shiksha Seva Foundation has been smooth and flawless. They are professional in the way they are helping the children and yet there is a personal touch to how they work which allows you to feel part of the process. One of the most basic necessities of this current life is education. It’s tough to survive without education and helping children get this basic necessity so that they get a chance to do better in life is a personal goal of mine. Shiksha Seva Foundation is helping me realize that goal by providing for these children and words cannot describe how good I feel about that. I have always believed that if you help the community around you grow in some or the other way it will help you grow. We work hard to earn our money but a simple donation can actually pay for someone to have a chance at what was given to us. I would request people that if they can support this initiative they should in any way they can.
Kavitha S Menon
Kavitha S Menon

I am very much glad to be part of this foundation and I am so happy that this foundation is attending and helping the poor people and providing education to them. They have also distributed the ration kit during this pandemic period. Message – to support the poor and needy should be our motto and this can be done by supporting the poor children in education.
Kokila Mahendra Parikh
Kokila Mahendra Parikh

Business Advertising

Kokila Mahendra Parikh Business Advertising Agency My family always supports such activities Recommending others for supporting. I was happy to support I am also qualified teacher Stood first in BEd exam of SNDT university My father-in-law was Head Master English medium school many years ago.
Neha Kothare

Sr. Engineer - Information Security, Toyo Engineering

I am so glad that I found this foundation which is helping the kids financially as well as providing them good health & medical services. I have visited this firm and I was so amazed to see how well the members of this firm have taken care of the kids and they are leading a much better life. The best part about this firm is that they make sure all the kids get the feel of all the occasions and not feel left out on any celebration. When I personally visited the firm , I found that the children were very well brought up with good etiquette, they were joyful and so very talented. Some were very unwell and were restricted from eating certain food items as their bodies due to health issues. My point here is that the firm ensures individual care is taken. Even good education facility has been given to these kids so that they become self dependent. You all have been angels to these kids and hope that you all continue with this noble cause so that the future of these kids are bright.

Our small financial help can help make future of these kids colourful. So let us do our bit and help change lives.
Dr. Charusheela Lokhande
Dr. Charusheela Lokhande


I personally feel the foundation is putting very hard efforts for educating children of this country. India is a country of youth and it is right of every child regardless of their age, gender, and financial circumstances. Shiksha Seva Foundation works towards achieving this goal for children with special needs and care. I feel proud of myself for being able to help children educate themselves. I would recommend others to please support for this cause. As these are the doctors, lawyers, and professionals of the noble fields in this country’s future. Investing for better future is never a waste. THANK U SO MUCH.
R V Hawaldar
R V Hawaldar

Retired Associate Director, NPCIL, Mumbai

It was a pleasant experience to deal with the foundation. From the information about their activities from time to time I understand they are doing a very good job of serving the society by helping poor children. One good thing about the foundation is after receiving the donation they keep in touch and keep us informed about how they are carrying out the job. They do inform about the progress and profile of the child. Education is the only thing which can uplift the poor from poverty. Education can be the very foundation of civilised society. Feel very happy to contribute to this noble cause. When we undergo education throughout, we too have got the support directly or indirectly from govt or other means for our education. We should give back something to the society and obey the best way is to support the education of poor children.

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