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Stree Astitva

Empowering Underprivileged Women & Girls

For centuries women have been oppressed all over the world and, the main reason for oppression is mainly financial dependency on their male counterparts. To have a flourishing society, each individual must be in control of their own life. But at times, even financial freedom doesn’t help them in breaking the shackles of dependency, which is due to lack of skills and confidence, which leads to exploitation at both personal and professional levels. Unfortunately, they are often exposed to different kinds of exploitation, such as low wages, bonded labor, child labor, human trafficking, etc.

Under Stree Astitva – Women Empowerment Program, we are striving to create a community where women are given equal opportunity to rise and flourish in life. In order to reach the most vulnerable in society, we focus on finding and selecting women and children from poor families, ideally from slums and rural areas who are deprived of opportunities in life. Under this project, we provide women with skill training programs and make them self-sufficient to face the world with confidence and self-esteem. To create a prosperous future for both the woman and child, we create an ecosystem that nurtures even the child with good education, better nutrition and, proper healthcare support.

We are empowering our women and nurturing our children because we are on a mission to build a stable, peaceful, and productive society.

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