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Provide children with the right nutrition to support healthy life

The two most crucial concerns of India are ‘Hunger’ and ‘Illiteracy’; there is an undeniable connection between them. To build an educationally developed society, the first stepping stone towards it is providing citizens with their basic needs. The development and prosperity of a country depend upon these essential elements. To eliminate hunger and illiteracy, feeding children at school-going age is indispensable, and the importance of feeding children wholesome and nutritious meals goes beyond just feeding them. The food that is being served to them should be in a systematized, gracious, equitable, and amiable way.

With our “Haq Se Poshan” campaign for children across pockets of poverty in India, we are passionately feeding them with hot, healthy, and fresh meals at our 4 centers spread across the country. Our campaign “Haq Se Poshan” focuses on providing the underprivileged kids with a high-quality and wholesome meal in a dignified manner to eradicate hunger and malnutrition among them. Improved nutritional status has led to an increase in recurring school attendance and improved concentration in the classroom activities of these children.

We are Nourishing the Nutritional Health of the Next Generation.

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