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Help People Threatened by Disaster, Disease or Poverty
Every year natural calamities, epidemics, and pandemics play havoc in thousands of lives across the globe. There is a need for a proper support system to combat the ongoing and aftermath of a disaster. Government plays its role but there is a need for an additional support system for it. A rapid and efficient response when disaster strikes are required, especially for difficult conditions and hard-to-reach places.

Shiksha Seva Foundation, Disaster relief team organise various flood relief programs to help those impacted by flooding.  We provide the victims of the flood-affected areas with basic supplies like – ration kits, blankets, women sanitary items, medical aid, etc. Under this initiative, the kids and their parents from the privileged section of society, are made aware of the ongoing condition of kids from the marginalized section of society. Through this program, we assist communities in rebuilding and recovering in order to help them become more resilient. Right, from preparation and delivery of relief supplies to psychosocial support, we provide help in disaster-affected areas and people.

We are helping the disaster affected come out of the vicious cycle of violence, poverty, and inequality.

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