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Swasth Bharat

Access to Health Care for the Poor Families

In India, numerous women and children die from preventable causes each year. A proper healthcare facility that takes care of their health is the need of the hour. Often these needs are simple, like clean water, basic medicines, nutrition, and awareness about the different diseases and how to prevent poor health.

Under Swasth Bharath – Healthcare Program, together, we have come forward, as a community, to improve the healthcare facility of women and children of our country. Numbers of awareness and training programs have endeavored under this initiative to educate women about female-related health issues. Majorly, our training programs cover sensitive topics like mother and child healthcare, HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases, and sex education. Along with this, we regularly conduct free medical check-up camps to offer immunization and vaccinations to women and children free of cost. In this process, we have collaborated with various primary healthcare centers and government hospitals to create a strong network of healthcare centers. We strive to establish a good and resilient healthcare system so that no child or woman is deprived of basic medical aid in our country.

We make sure proper and timely medical aid is being provided since our efforts are directed toward the most vulnerable.

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