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The number of blind people in India is the highest in the world. Due to poor education and health facilities, visually impaired people from financially weak communities suffer the most. Most of the children who come from financially weak families have to quit their school either because of the non-availability of special schools for visually challenged students or not being able to afford the schools that are well-equipped to educate blind and visually impaired students.

To bridge this gap, we have our Initiative called “Roshni”, under which we provide assistance and help these blind and visually impaired children to resume their studies. One such project is being run by us in Vrindavan Dist. Mathura, the sacred city of Uttar Pradesh. The blind and visually impaired children of this city are given access to higher education and, we also equip them with education kits to support them in their academic journey.

We are on a mission to improve the economic status of visually impaired children and their image in the eyes of society.

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