Shiksha Utsav

Often due to poor social-economic status and prevailing gender inequality in the backward communities, girl children are deprived of basic education .In India, almost every city and rural would have more than 60% of such population where girls do not see the doors of education opening to them.

We have launched a program under the banner of Shiksha Utsav, Balwadi at Nalasopara for such girl children. At Shiksha Utsav Balwadi, we identify girls who have never been to school and provide them basic education and healthcare. In this program, a non-formal education is conducted. Though this program, we intend to –

  • Identify girls who are deprived of education and enrol them
  • Provide basic education and health care to girl children
  • Take Shiksha Utsav Programs to different schools, educational centres, rural areas, etc.