Samskara – Value System Creation Program

Education without basic value system is incomplete. And that’s why, we need to adapt to a comprehensive approach in our learning systems. Shiksha Seva Foundation’s value system creation program- Samskara is focussed on providing a positive learning milieu and facilities for overall development of girl children. The focus is instilling good values and ethics in these children so they work and lead their life with positive and constructive approach.

Vide this program, we intend to –

  • Bring awareness on importance of good samskar (values) for children
  • Provide positive and experiential learning environment to instil learnings
  • Provide better infrastructure and facilities for constructive learnings
  • Instil good values and ethics in children
  • Liaise with educational centres, government schools and corporate houses to promote and encourage Samskar program for the underprivileged children