As a corporate, you can give the individuals in your organisation the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Give your brand visibility and be known as socially conscious organization.

Why Partner With SSF ?

  • Working in partnership with us can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping to raise vital funds to fight illiteracy and poverty. This is why you should partner with us.
  • When you partner with SSF, you create opportunities to engage your employees more deeply in their communities. You activate the process of permanent, positive change. And you connect your brand to a unique, trusted nonprofit that's enlisting thousands to change the world.
  • We’re transparent: Our financials are public, and have been for over a decade. As an organisation, we are mandated to carry out an annual external financial audit.
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

You can Contribute by:

Adopt a Project

Shiksha Seva Foundation runs several projects. You can adopt an entire project or just a part of it, based on the area of its focus – like education, healthcare, nutrition, infra support, women empowerment and livelihood.

Events and Sponsorships

Another way to contribute is by sponsoring the events that Shiksha Seva Foundation organizes. Events form a crucial part of the organization as it aims at creating awareness on the situation of Indian children.

SSF Payroll Giving

Under this scheme company’s employees contribute by sanctioning an automatic deduction from their monthly salaries towards Shiksha Seva Foundation and receive immediate tax relief of 50% under section 80G of Income Tax Act

Adopt a girl child

When you adopt a girl child you adopt her for the education. Her education is your responsibility.

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Our Corporate Partners

SSF has designed its intervention towards Remedial Education and Women empowerment approach that complements the existing infrastructure in the government Schools. We only focus on the learning outcomes and improved learning environments for the lesser-privileged children and the upliftment of the marginalized and deprived communities .The participation of the corporate sector is crucial to enable us to achieve our vision, mission and goal. We are thankful to all our Corporate Partners who have appreciated our intent and work over the years and supported SSF’s cause with increased participation in successive years.